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NVA PT-76B Amphibious Tank 1/35 Pro Built Model

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PT-76s along with T-54s, T-55s, Type 59s and Type 62 tanks formed the bulk of the NVA armored forces.
The first successful action of NVA armor in Vietnam was against the Lang Vei Special Forces camp on 6/7 February 1968 (they had already been used in the preceding Battle of Ban Houei Sane, which was just across the border in Laos however). Thirteen PT-76s, of the NVA 202nd Armored Regiment spearheaded an assault against approximately 24 Green Berets and 500 irregulars. The defenders fought back with their 106 mm M40 recoilless rifle (one at the entrance took out three PT-76s until it was knocked out), and ineffectively with M72 LAWs (one-shot disposable 66mm Light Anti-Tank Weapon). They requested support from nearby Khe Sanh, which was unable to help, as it too was under siege. The Lang Vei camp was overrun, with the PT-76s using their turret-mounted spotlight to machine gun any irregulars who panicked and ran out of the underground bunkers. A few survivors broke out and were airlifted to safety.
The first tank-to-tank engagement occurred in mid-1968 when a US reconnaissance airplane observed a PT-76 being washed by its crew in the Bến Hải River in the DMZ (17th Parallel). The Forward Air Control pilot radioed the tank's position to a nearby M48 Patton tank unit of the US 3rd Marine Tank Battalion. With the FAC adjusting fire, the Patton fired three 90 mm rounds; obtaining a hit with the third round. The tank crew abandoned their vehicle. Shortly afterward, some returning F-4 Phantom jet fighter bombers, with ordnance to expend, observed the PT-76 and bombed the remainder of the vehicle.

Destroyed PT-76 in Ben Het battle

Destroyed PT-76 in An Loc battle

About this model

This model was built out of box from Trumpeter kit. It likes the images of this listing exactly. You can see full images of this model in this link

You can use this model to built a diorama "April-30-1975" in Saigon, please check our sample diorama that we built from ths model and others (the other tank models and figures are just sample, not included in this listing)


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