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German 12.8cm Selbstfahrlafette Sf L/61 Pz.Sf.V STURER EMIL 1:35 Pro Built Model

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The 12.8 cm Selbstfahrlafette auf VK30.01(H) "Sturer Emil" (German for "Stubborn Emil") was an experimental World War II German self-propelled anti-tank gun. It was based on the Henschel VK30.01 chassis and both armed with a Rheinmetall 12.8 cm K L/61 gun (based on the 12.8 cm FlaK 40). This gun could traverse 7° to each side, elevate 10° and depress -15°. It carried 15 rounds for the main gun.

The chassis was left over from Henschel's submission for the canceled VK30.01 heavy tank program, but the hull was stretched and an extra road wheel added to accommodate the large gun, which was mounted on a pedestal ahead of the engine. A large, open-topped, fighting compartment was built where the turret was intended to go in the original design.

Two vehicles (named after Max and Moritz) were built, both of which served on the Eastern Front. One vehicle was destroyed, the other captured at Stalingrad in January 1943, with 22 kill marks painted on the barrel. This captured vehicle is now displayed in the collection on the Kubinka Tank Museum.

About this model :
This is a very nice model from Trumpeter kit. We built and pained it very nice and replaced the original track of this kit by the upgrade track, and detail as true as you are seeing in this listing. The cupola of this Sturer Emil was not glued into the chassis, so, you can put the crews inside easily to make this model to be more lifelike(we have the sample images below, please check it) . This model is very useful for your Tank collection and you can use it to set up your German diorama in WW2.

You can see full images of this model in this link :

These are some sample images of this Sturer Emil with Crew men(the figures are just sample, not included of this listing)

And these images below are the images from our album"History by modeling" which we built from this model and the other figures. These sample images may be very useful for you to help you having more ideas for setting up your own diorama. We use this Sturer Emil combining with the other figures from our store to make these album based on the true historic images. Hope you will like them.(the other figures are just sample, not included in this listing)


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