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SDKFZ 221 Panzerspahwagen s.Pz.B.41 /w crew WW2 1/35 Pro Built Model

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This four-wheeled vehicle proved to be fast and agile, had an excellent range (320 km max.) but it appeared quickly to have also limited off-road capabilities. When the Blitzkrieg was unleashed in Poland and France, this did not appeared as these vehicles used a good road network, but in the aftermath of Operation Barbarossa, in winter and in the muddy season, the four-wheeled vehicle were found very hard to use. Nevertheless, the 221 proved its combat efficiency and was kept in service until 1943. In some cases, the original MG was swapped for an anti-tank rifle 39 or later, a model 41 28 mm anti-tank gun to increase its firepower. The armor was suitable against small arms fire and shrapnel, but small tank guns (37 mm) or British/Russian anti-tank rifles were able to destroy the vehicles. The light armament was also a limitation. For these reasons, the vehicle was gradually replaced by newer models and sent to training centers and patrolling occupied countries or used as a liaison vehicle between command posts

SDKFZ 221 in nowaday

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Please take your time to see the sample images of the diorama which we built from this model and the base and other figures(the other figures and base are not included in this listing)

1st Diorama : Street Battle

2nd Diorama : Welcome Nazi


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