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Diorama F6F-5N Hellcat with pilot on Aircraft Carrier 1/32 Pro Built Model

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This is a very beautiful and rare 1/32 Diorama F-6F-5N Hellcat with pilot on Aircraft Carrier in WW2, the diorama was painted as true detail.

This aircraft was built from Trumpeter kit. This is a very detail and beautiful kit.

The Diorama was based on a wooden stand, very nice shape and was made very detail as true as possible.


 photo IMGP7583_zps463a492f.jpg

 photo IMGP7584_zps3a5a87a3.jpg

 photo IMGP7588_zpsfa00e554.jpg

 photo IMGP7590_zps1905496a.jpg

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 photo IMGP7597_zps359d0235.jpg

 photo IMGP7598_zpsb2bd59e9.jpg

 photo IMGP7600_zpsc06e0371.jpg

 photo IMGP7601_zpsd8d59072.jpg

 photo IMGP7602_zpsfbb7a244.jpg

 photo IMGP7606_zps2479b43e.jpg

 photo IMGP7607_zps16e1d870.jpg

 photo IMGP7611_zps88484b99.jpg

 photo IMGP7614_zpsae021351.jpg

 photo IMGP7615_zps392b8e86.jpg

 photo IMGP7616_zps4f6c8013.jpg

 photo IMGP7617_zps62360f46.jpg

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 photo IMGP7628_zpsd668ff0d.jpg

 photo IMGP7629_zpsbe78f201.jpg

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 photo IMGP7631_zpsd3846b62.jpg

 photo IMGP7634_zps5fcb5404.jpg

 photo IMGP7636_zpsa63dbe31.jpg

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 photo IMGP7638_zpseb9cfd22.jpg

 photo IMGP7641_zps644c8828.jpg

 photo IMGP7642_zps5908503e.jpg

 photo IMGP7643_zps06e7b2f3.jpg

 photo IMGP7644_zpsffcba0de.jpg

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 photo IMGP7646_zps1d3bfb0e.jpg

 photo IMGP7648_zpsd6f84a1b.jpg

 photo IMGP7649_zpsab5d5b61.jpg

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 photo IMGP7672_zps634bf626.jpg

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