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Diorama Russian Mig-21 with pilot and Ground Support Crews 1/32 Pro Built

Diorama Russian Mig-21 with pilot and Ground Support Crews 1/32 Pro Built

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This is a very beautiful 1/32 Diorama of Russian Mig-21 with pilot and ground support crews at Russia Airforce Base, the diorama was painted as true detail.

This aircraft was built from Trumpeter kit. This is a very detail and beautiful kit.

The Diorama was based on an wooden stand(55x30 cm), very nice oval shape and was made very detail as true as possible.

I will pack it as carefully as possible for shipping, but a small part may be still broken in shipping due to the fragile nature of the item. If you have a problem with possibly gluing a part back on then please do not bid. Returns are not accepted so please look carefully before bidding.

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