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Wooden VNAF A-37 Dragonfly in VietNam war 1/16 Pro Built Model

Wooden VNAF A-37 Dragonfly in VietNam war 1/16 Pro Built Model

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The Cessna A-37 Dragonfly, or Super Tweet, is a United States light attack aircraft developed from the T-37 Tweet basic trainer in the 1960s and 1970s. The A-37 was introduced during the Vietnam War and remained in peacetime service afterwards.

The growing American military involvement in Vietnam in the early 1960s led to strong interest in counter-insurgency (COIN) aircraft. In late 1962, the U.S. Air Force's Special Air Warfare Center at Eglin Air Force Base's Hurlburt Field in Florida evaluated two T-37Cs for the role.

The first YAT-37D flew in October 1964, followed a year later by the second prototype. The second prototype had four stores pylons under each wing, rather than three, and the first prototype was upgraded to this configuration as well.

The war in Southeast Asia, however, continued to escalate. Losses of Douglas A-1 Skyraider close-support aircraft in US and South Vietnamese service proved greater than anticipated and USAF interest in COIN aircraft was revived. The YAT-37D seemed like a promising candidate for the job, but the Air Force felt that the only way to be sure was to evaluate the aircraft in combat.

In combat "forward air control (FAC)" operations, the second seat was occupied by an observer. Only one crewman normally flew in the aircraft for close support missions, permitting a slight increase in ordnance.


On Aug. 23, 1966, the USAF directed the establishment of a program to evaluate the A-37 in a combat environment. The project was named "Combat Dragon" and was designed to test the effectiveness of the A-37 in Close Air Support, counterinsurgency and escort missions in Vietnam. Besides testing the aircraft operationally, the project was also used to evaluate the maintenance, supply and manpower requirements. The Tactical Fighter Weapons Center directed the program and established a 350-man squadron with 25 A-37As at England Air Force Base, La. in early 1967. The unit was designated as the 604th Air Commando Squadron. Initial instructor pilot training began on March 29, 1967. Initial operations and combat orientation started on May 1. Phase I of Combat Dragon was done between June 19 and July 16, 1967 at England Air Force Base. Phase I measured data collection and analysis procedures to be used during the actual combat evaluation, train the A-37A pilots, establish a bombing and gunnery baseline and identify and fix problems with the aircraft.


There are 2 model kits of this aircraft in current model market : 1/72th scale from Academy, Hasegawa and 1/48th scale from Monogram, Revell. We have a big idea  to release a bigger model for this aircraft. That is the reason we choose wooden material to begin building this project.
We used the natural wood in VietNam as the main material for building this model.
Size and shape
We built this model based on the size from 1/72th and 1/48th scale kits from Academy and Monogram company. All the details, the panel lines were scratch built as these 2 kits.
Wing span : 23 inches
Length : 27 inches
Heigh : 7.8 inches
The wings and the weapons, fuel tanks of this model can be gotten out of the body of aircraft and put back into the body easily, it will be very useful in shipping.
We painted the camouflag of VNAF in VietNam era for this aircraft.
We painted and print ourself the decal of this model.
Building time : It will take us 4 months (120 business days) to finish building this model. Building will be started after receiving your 50% payment
OPTIONS for building this aircraft base on your demand
Decals and number : You can choose the USAF(or others) decal, number of the aircraft you want.
Upgrade options
- More true details in the cockpit : Plus more $150
- Canopy can open/close :            Plus more $100
- We will close orders for building this model in the end of Nov, 2013. If there are 5 orders enough for building this model in Nov, we will discount $100 for each order. Hurry up, the first order will be discounted more $100.
- After you order this offer, please send to us 50% payment for this model. After finishing building this model, we will send the final images of them to you, then you will pay 50% remaining payment.

There are many images of building in process of this wooden aircraft model :

Got the size and and details from A-37 1/72 and 1/48 model, then created the shape of wood model

 photo DSC07097_zpsdeeee3bf.jpg

1/72 scale was on the back of 1/16 wood model
 photo DSC07098_zps5629510c.jpg
 photo DSC07117_zps62dd21af.jpg
 photo J8KGSlV_zps0e4a6709.jpg

Coating ...
 photo tjjyx5G_zps1eb14b9e.jpg
The cockpit
 photo 5uC6WFF_zps2b44fd79.jpg
 photo WauRlRs_zps3ba5b899.jpg
Put the wings into the body(the wings can be put in/put out without glue)
 photo XZmbFVU_zpsb35eb57d.jpg
 photo rNUM9dF11_zps315b8b61.jpg
Painting the wings first
 photo No4zE17_zps2a37a757.jpg
Painting the body of model, creating the cockpit ...
 photo aCSa76s_zpsad42a0d7.jpg

Finish painting, final images of this model

 photo 6eT3A4Y_zps649bd83d.jpg

 photo W8f0nEa_zps938aa6d5.jpg
 photo VHtR67C_zps9bbf57d5.jpg
 photo uypybZW_zpsf7ebf2ed.jpg
 photo sXiH3aZ_zpsd37583fe.jpg
 photo r7hnLTz_zps12c63761.jpg
 photo qm7WBuO_zps63a14caf.jpg
 photo LGjze7r_zps529ace9b.jpg
 photo AueZwWl_zpse673fac7.jpg
 photo 7h4jZTx_zpsc34d7fef.jpg
 photo 3Qc3hK7_zpsc9109a76.jpg
 photo 2WWYViq_zps426dffac.jpg
 photo 1NasZKc_zps5080b0fd.jpg
You can imagine the size of this model base on this image

 photo Frf7qp6_zpsafa05c24.jpg


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