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German Africa Division Howitzer crewmen - 6 figures in WW2 1/35 Pro Built

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When the Wehrmacht encountered superior anti-tank firepower on the Eastern Front, they initiated development of heavier firepower of their own. While the infamous 88mm gun was devastating to British and US forces, the Russians were rolling in heavier armor into battle. While the Germans had some good firepower under development, the appearance of the IS-2 on the battlefield quickly revealed that larger calibers were going to be needed.

Rheinmetall had a 128mm design that was being produced for naval applications. The Wehrmacht issued a contract to adapt this gun as an anti-tank weapon with new projectiles capable of defeating these newer Soviet tanks at range. The resulting development succeeded in a weapon that could penetrate 200mm of armor at 1000 meters and 148mm at 2000 meters. While these ranges were similar to the 88, the penetration was superior.

To get this weapon into the field sooner, existing carriages were used to mount the weapon that would be classified as PaK 44. While some units were developed, towing an 11 ton anti-tank weapon was deemed impractical and the weapon was adapted for self-propelled mounts like the Jagdtiger.

Real image of howitzer crewmen in WW2

 Images of painted figures

This is a very nice set of 6 figures of German Howitzer crewmen in Africa which was released from Pro Built Model team. We painted them in a highest skill. As you see, the face,the suits, the weapons and accessoires are painted lifelikely, very detail. This set will be useful for you for displaying or building a great diorama of German Howitzer action or making your howitzer-Anti Tank-Kanone 44 is more lifelike in WW2. Hey, let's enjoy them.


You can see full images of this set in this link


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