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IL-2 Sturmovik in WW2 1/32 Pro Built

Russian IL-2 Sturmovik in WW2 1/32 Pro Built

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History of this Aircraft


The IL-2 aircraft are necessary for our Red Army now, like air, like bread

Joseph Stalin

(he demanded prompt and efficient production from factory officials…or else!)

Video of this aircraft in ww2


Ilyushin IL-2 Sturmovik

IL-2 Sturmovik

The Ilyushin Il-2 Sturmovik was known to the Soviet troops in WW2 as the ”Flying Tank” and to the Germans as “Der Schwarze Tod” (“The Black Death“). It was a low level ground attack aircraft, heavily armed (wing mounted 2 x high velocity 23mm cannons, 2 x 7.62mm machine guns, bombs/rockets and a rear firing 12.7mm machine gun for defence. Some later versions were armed with 37mm wing mounted cannons!) and protected by heavy armour plating around the crew, engine and fuel tank. Although always intended as a two seater aircraft, early versions of the IL-2 were actually built as single seaters to save weight (gain better performance) but the vulnerability to attack by fighter aircraft from behind meant that a rear gunners position was added again for further protection.

Ilyushin IL-2 Sturmovik

Il-2 attacking

The Il-2 would normally attack  tanks from the rear where tank armour plating was at it’s weakest and the Il-2′s cannons could puncture the armour and destroy the tanks engine etc. The best known tactic was called the “Circle of Death” where they would attack in a shallow dive from the rear, then circle and repeat the attack (they would often fly as low as 6 metres /20 feet). Although a lethal weapon many were still lost to German fighter aircraft, anti-aircraft fire and from accidents due to the low level and weather they were required to fly-in (I have read estimates of over 10,000 IL-2′s being lost in battle).


The Il-2 was used by the Soviets from 1941 – 1955 and also used by former Warsaw Pact nations Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia, Hungary an Poland from 1945 to the late 1940′s / early 1950′s. Yugoslavia operated them from 1944-1954 and even Mongolia had a few and operated them from 1945-1954. Over 36,000 Il-2′s were built between 1941-1945 (the most for any military aircraft). There were also later improved variants built called the Il-10 which served with a number of nations from 1944 until the late 1950′s.

More real images of this aircraft


About The model

Kit Review

Manufacturer : Hobby Boss

Images of the kit



Molded in Hobby Boss' usual grey plastic, it is a very clean mold with crisp details as we have come to expect from Hobby Boss and Trumpeter kits. You many not like the detailing, but it is extremely well done. The clear bits, photo etch and vinyl bits are separately housed in a box that fits into one side of the kit box. There is a full cockpit with all the bits and pieces you would expect. The instrument panel is clear so that you can put the decal on the back to show the instruments. Personally, I'd put the instrument panel decal on the front as I'm lazy and don't want to brush paint the panel face. Photo etch belts are included in the kit. The kit also includes a full AM-38 engine with Hobby Boss providing a clear forward cowling (apparently so you can leave this unpainted to show off the engine). Those wishing to bypass this feature will still need to build up enough of the block to mount the exhaust and the prop.

The kit also includes reinforced wing spars, optional position flaps, separate control surfaces and full wing armament in terms of cannon. The cannon bays are detailed with separate covers and magazines. The kit provides vinyl ammunition belts and some of the photo etch is designed for these bays. In addition, there are separate lower wing bomb bays that can be posed open with weapons. For under the wings there are rockets and their rails. You have several weapons options to choose from in this kit that includes general purpose bombs (2 each FAB-50, FAB-100, DAB-100, BRAB-220 and FAB-250), 2 each PLBG-150 and 8 each RS-132 rockets. Sturmovicks were often heavily armed so you should have little trouble picking something appropriate.

 This is another excellent addition to the big scale planes category.

Building and painting this model

 This model took us 20 business days to finish building and painting. It was not an easy kit. But as you saw, we did it very well. Please have a look at the images of Work in Progress in building and painting this model


So, let's enjoy it in the photos below.

 Images of this model


Please see more images in this link


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