(Order) ACH-47 Armed Chinook Italeri 1/48 in VietNam war

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Reviewing of this kit

This kit is every bit as nice as the Academy CH-46s and their new CH-53, all of which are in the same scale.

Molded in olive drab styrene, this kit is presented on five parts trees, plus a single tree of clear parts. There are no metal, photo-etched, or resin parts used in this kit, so this is buildable by any modeler with some experience (this is a large model, even in 1/48 scale, so this isn't the best choice for younger or less experienced adult modelers).

If you look carefully at the second parts tree, Italeri used the same design approach as Academy for the interior. The cockpit and cargo bay floor is one piece. There is a pair of interior walls for the cargo bay as well as an overhead ceiling. Unlike the Trumpeter kit, it looks like Italeri got it right for the look up into the rear rotor mast.

The parts layout is such that a vanilla trash-hauler is possible, and we'll likely see such a version in the future, as well as additional parts to perhaps render the CH-47D as well. But for now, Italeri has provided the parts for an awesome looking gunship!

The cockpit features armored crew seats, full flight controls, and an instrument panel that uses decals for all of the instruments. The rear cockpit bulkhead is a multi-part affair that provides the avionics racks that are visible in the cargo bay as well as the overhead console and circuit breaker panels visible in the cockpit.

In the cargo bay, Italeri did something different with the passenger/troop seats. These are included inside the cargo bay, but they are folded up out of the way. With a little work and some brass rod, you could probably pose some or all of the troop seats down if you so desire. This is a gunship however, and the cargo bay comes with two port side and two starboard side gunners. A large ammo container is mounted just behind the cockpit to feed the thumper on the nose.

Weapons mounts are fitted to the sides of the fuselage sponsons, each mounting a forward-firing 20mm cannon and a rocket pod. The nose-mounted grenade launcher (thumper), the four window-mounted 50s and a single 50 caliber mounted on the rear cargo ramp round out the armament options.

Another major detail that Italeri got right was the aft cargo ramp and door. As with the full-scale machine, the door goes inside the ramp when the ramp is opened, as opposed to folding up inside the cargo compartment ceiling like a C-130. Kudos to Italeri!

One unique option in the kit is a set of positionable clamshell doors that provide access into a maintenance service bay at the front of the rear rotor mast.

The project is rounded out with the 14 antenna masts that go along the port side of the aircraft. These are mounts for the HF longwire antenna that is fitted to the aircraft for long-range communications. Check your references for proper rigging.

This kit comes with markings for three aircraft:

  • ACH-47A, 64-13149, 1 Avn Det, 2/20 ARA, Vietnam, 1967, 'Easy Money'
  • ACH-47A, 64-13145, Aberdeen Proving Grounds, 1966
  • ACH-47A, 64-13151, 1 Avn Det, 2/20 ARA, Vietnam, 1967, 'Stump Jumper'


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